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Core Stability

These days, everybody is talking about the Core, but where or what is this?

The core is the midsection of your body, involving all of the muscles in the area including the front, back and sides.

If these muscles are strong, they can help prevent a multitude of problems and pain. For example, weakness in this area can cause lower back pain and bladder weakness. They are responsible for stability of the spine, maintaining good posture.

Exercises to help strengthen the core, should be part of our weekly routine.

There are 3 main groups of muscles:

  1. Extensors. These are the back and gluteal muscles. These are used to keep the back upright when standing and walking.

  2. Flexors. Transversus Abdominus. These are used to bend and support the spine from the front. These muscles also support the lordosis in the lower back.

  3. Obliques. These are the muscles at the side of the body. They help stabilise the spine when standing but also rotate the body and assist in maintaining correct posture.

The muscles can become weak or tight which reduces their ability to support the spine. This can predispose the spine to poor posture and thus in turn may lead to pain. 

Core muscle strength is paramount in:

  1. Reducing the severity and frequency of back pain.

  2. Protecting against injury.

  3. Helping to avoid back surgery or healing from a back problem or after spinal surgery.

  4. Improving posture.

  5. Improving sporting performance. 

Without specific exercises, these muscles will naturally weaken with age or can be weak following surgery or childbirth. 

Berkley Kemp Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic can help you with the correct exercises to address your weakness and prevent or abolish pain happy

31st August, 2019

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